Reject the Government’s Request to ‘Control Your Freedom’

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Are we moving forward from this crisis, and did our leaders, physicians, or populace learn anything or implement any true change? One thing is true ⏤ the United States of America, the beacon of freedom and enterprise, continues to rank in the bottom twenty countries regarding mortality from COVID-19. Yes, we did move up one spot this week to the 19th by passing the medical and scientific powerhouse of Chile, and with hard work, we are closing in on Latvia.

With results like this, what changes have been made for the US to lead next time around?

Given the developments in Shanghai this past week, Albert Camus’s quote, “The welfare of humanity is always the alibi of tyrants’ is holding true. Beijing has ordered a complete lockdown of Shanghai, one of China’s wealthiest cities, under a ‘ZERO COVID’ Policy since April 5, given the COVID-19 Outbreak.

Shanghai has upwards of 25 million people that are locked in their homes and forced to test daily for covid. This is a true draconian lockdown, with people to be unable to even leave their homes. Additionally, those who test positive — including children — are forcibly carted away to quarantine hospitals, but those who test negative are still not allowed to leave their homes.

The parents are also separated from their children regardless of age in the event this happens. In scenes that appear to be from a dystopian movie, as people cry out across the night sky from their high-rise buildings, drones are flying throughout the city, bull horning that the people “comply with these restrictions and control your soul’s desire for freedom. Do not open the window or sing.”

At least at this point, unlike those in Shanghai, as a citizen of the USA, our leaders and legislators are constrained in their ability to implement such draconian lockdowns, but without the dissent of the people and the reclaiming of our rights in the interim from the injustices of the past two years our future ability to stand up to tyrannical measures is in question and soon their story could be ours.

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