1. For those who’ve taken the vax, is a full sized aspirin (as opposed to baby) now recommended to prevent blood clots for those not on blood thinner?

2. For those who are vaxed and then got the Delta, are they only protected in the future only against that one strain?

3. For those who had the virus and then took the vaccine, how does that affect their original immunity?

4. What is the protocol for taking Ivermectin to lessen vaccine negative effects if forced to get the covid 19 vaccine?

5. My son was suspended from his high school for ‘defiance of authority’ for declining to wear a mask at school. They have not offered another option for online or virtual school and say that he either wears the mask or he’ll be suspended and then expelled. I did ask them to show me the law that states that they can override my parental rights and force a medical decision to mask without informed consent. They had no answer other than, I have to do as my boss told me to do. I have a lawsuit against the Jefferson County Board of Education with Attorney William McGowen(Birmingham). He was referred to me by Senator Shay Shelnutt – district 17 from Alabama after a failed attempt to encourage the superintendent (Gonsoulin) to give us our constitutional right to make medical decisions for our children. Please share and give any advise to help us win this case of abusing our children and violating our rights!

6. Unfortunately I have an unusual circumstance in that I have family members who have died from covid treatment (or lack there of with Remdesivir causing kidney failure in my father/vent/death) and death in regards to the Pfizer vaccine being given to my uncle in a state nursing facility and dying of massive blood clot 13 days after the vaccine.I have my father’s medical file. Upon arrival they have his chart reading he has copd. He did not. The report also says he has hypertension when he actually has HYPOtension. His three children inherited this trait. His regular doctor and cardiologist had hospital privileges and didn’t correct this. He also had elevated bun number of 20 meaning his kidneys were in distress. Why would Remdesivir be given to him KNOWING the side effects that caused its removal from Ebola trials included kidney and multiple organ failure? The medication states do not give to patients with kidney distress. Why did the doctor authorize this medication when his BUN levels were at 20 and the Remdesivir warning says do not give if kidneys are in distress and above .5 and my father’s were at .6??? I asked for hydroxychloriqine and Dr Thrasher stated it wasn’t effective and could be dangerous. If the reason for giving Remdesivir (EUA/not approved) is to use as an antiviral protease inhibitor but other existing drugs like hydroxy or ivermectin were both FDA approved and had a history of long term side effects verses Remdesivir which was released under an EUA and failed/was pulled from the trials because of SIDE EFFECTS! and why was Vancomycingiven at all?

The last visit we had with him he was waving through the glass doors and the nurse asked four times about venting him. She made me nervous. I told her we hadn’t been asked that since arrival at the hospital 12 days prior. He was vented two hours later. I have photos of every one of his monitors twice a day during visitation which do not show the distress they indicate. He passed away the following evening. I have photos of the medication pumps. It’s a tragic story. Both my mother and father had covid at same time. Their regular doctor wouldn’t see them so he sent them to an urgent care. He received azithromycin and prednisone. Dr. Thrasher said the steroid given too soon caused the pneumonia. I asked him to call the AL health Dept and tell Dr. Scott Harris to alert all med clinics not to administer the steroid until after 10 days of symptoms. He told me to spread the word on FB friends. After my father was admitted to the hospital, he treated my mom at home giving her one fo the first monoclonal antibody treatments in the state of AL and a regimen including one 40,000 iu Vitamind D for first week and 4,000 mg daily thereafter for 30 days, 50 mg zinc for thirty days, budesonide breathing treatments twice a day for thirty days, aspirin, dexamethasone for 10 days, fomitadine, and Zyrtec. We asked if my father could be checked out of the hospital and treated with the MA… they refused and said would be ineffective. They never let my mother enter dad’s room until they were pulling him off the vent even though the doctor knew she was fully recovered covid patient.As for my uncle, the state facility gave the Pfizer vaccines to all patients. They called after he died to say he was fine at breakfast, was talking and then suddenly went into a coma state and never recovered and then died peacefully of a massive blood clot within hours. They did test him for covid after his blood pressure shot up and and apparently rushed him over to the covid positive area after he had gone into a coma state. Prior to this, they were never suspecting he had covid but again, he caught covid after he received the covid vaccine. It wasn’t until after he was buried that we learned he had received the vaccine. His mother (my grandmother) died at age 48 of a brain hemorrhage and my uncles other siblings have all suffered from strokes. In fact, his older brother died of a stroke. My mother (his sister) has had blood clots after surgery. He was never a candidate for the vaccine with a history of thrombosis. This was never considered.Thank you for all you are doing. We are praying for all of you!!

7. I am a very active, healthy 50 year old woman with no medical conditions, and I work in health care as a physical therapist. I had COVID twice. The first time in July, 2020, it took me about 3 weeks to recover before returning back to work. Everyone (including my brother who is a physician) told me to stay home & wait it out. My symptoms finally improved after receiving a z-pack & steroid shot.

The second time in January 2021, I had all the same typical symptoms, including loss of taste & smell, but this time had 3 negative COVID tests. After the first 7-8 days, the severity of my symptoms continued to progress with fever to 104 & severe, painful coughing, migraines, intense myalgia. After 10 days, I had a telemedicine appointment with a doctor at UAB who advised me to stay home, alternate tylenol & ibuprofen, and prescribed anti-nausea as I was beginning to vomit from the migraines. Three days later, I went to the ER where x-rays & lung scan showed the “ground glass opaque parenchyma” appearance of COVID bilateral pneumonia. I received IV antibiotics & steroids in addition to a prescription for antibiotics(azithromycin) & prednisone, & albuterol. I finally began to make some progress. Two weeks later, I saw a pulmonologist, Gus Dubois, who prescribed another round of antibiotics (doxycycline?) & steroid shot which allowed me to improve enough for return to work part time a week later. For several months afterward, I struggled with significant fatigue & brain fog.My 85 year old mother received her 2nd vaccine dose in February. Subsequently, she almost died in May due to blood clots found in her legs and lungs. The doctors at Grandview could not give us any reason why. After doing research, I now have my theory. I mention my mom because this contributed to some of my hesitation about getting the vaccine.At my job, I received frequent questions & pressure about getting the vaccine, but did not see research proving safety. I have done extensive personal research of scientific studies and listened to leaders such as Peter McCullough, MD, Robert Malone (MD & inventor of mRNA technology), Mike Yeadon (past VP & chief scientist of Pfizer) & countless others. Three weeks ago, I saw a new primary care doctor and asked for a plan to prevention & also for early intervention in case I get COVID a 3rd time. He denied ivermectin to me saying it is a “heavy duty drug.” I tested positive for antibodies thankfully. Two weeks ago, my 10 year old son tested positive for COVID although symptoms were very mild cold-like. I tested negative twice during the quarantine so antibodies are working.I would very much like to take Ivermectin prophylactically and have researched the correct dosage. I signed up for a telemedicine visit with Americas Front Line Doctors and they are so backed up, I am still waiting after 10 days.

Yesterday, I spoke with a retired pathologist here in Birmingham who confirmed to me ivermectin is safe & he & his wife (in their 70’s) have taken it for a year. He also stated he would not be receiving a vaccine booster.I am planning to return to work next week, but before I do, I am required by my employer (TherapySouth) to show proof of vaccination or agree to weekly COVID testing (unpaid half an hour prior to work) under supervision by my supervisor. I know studies say an asymptomatic person can not transmit the virus. The pathologist I spoke with confirmed this as well. I think it is grossly unfair that I be singled out.Thank you for your courage to step out and seek truth concerning this issue. I am sure it will not be without costs, both professionally and personally. I am hopeful & praying for you and the other heroes leading the way.

8. My husband works at St V Bham. They are forcing the mandate by mid oct. Earlier this year, he had covid. Went to test at the hospital, and was negative. So they sent him to work. For 8 days, he worked and lived at home with no quarantine. On the 8th day, they had him retest, stating that 40% of tests that day were wrong. Then he tested positive. My son and I were both on prophylactic treatment, which included ivermectin. No one else was sick, and we did not quarantine away from each other.During this time, my high school senior son was remote schooling the entire time, due to the mask mandate. He has asthma, and simply cannot wear it for extended periods of time.Please help!We are very concerned about the mandate.

9. My child can not breathe. She pulls the mask down when the teacher is not looking. What are my options?

10. My husband works at St V Bham. They are forcing the mandate by mid oct. Earlier this year, he had covid. Went to test at the hospital, and was negative. So they sent him to work. For 8 days, he worked and lived at home with no quarantine. On the 8th day, they had him retest, stating that 40% of tests that day were wrong. Then he tested positive. My son and I were both on prophylactic treatment, which included ivermectin. No one else was sick, and we did not quarantine away from each other. During this time, my high school senior son was remote schooling the entire time, due to the mask mandate. He has asthma, and simply cannot wear it for extended periods of time. Please help! We are very concerned about the mandate.

11. I am an airline pilot and am having my employment curtailed because of my refusal to take the vaccine. My religion teaches of a time of deceit where we will not be able to buy or sell things without a device from the government. The fact that world governments are using the vaccine in this manner, I cannot comply. The other troubling aspect of all this is the censorship of early treatment options such as Ivermectin. I recently contracted Covid from a fully vaccinated coworker who was sick. I immediately reached out to Concerned Doctors and got Ivermectin and other medication prescribed to me. I called 3 pharmacies and none would fill the prescription for Ivermectin. I had to drive an hour to get it. After 3 days of treatment I was recovered. I had no side effects with the meds. The only lingering symptom is chest pain and a mild dry cough. Unfortunately I gave my gf Covid and 5 days later she was sick. We called and got her the same prescriptions but no one will fill the Ivermectin. One pharmacy agreed to to fill it but then accused the doctor of prescribing an incorrect dosage, which was not true. The pharmacist was playing politics and denying healthcare. The pharmacist has usurped the treatment prescribed by a medical doctor. These actions cannot continue and legislators need to stand up against this medical discrimination which is actually killing people.

12.  I am a RN at Crestwood Medical Center in North Alabama. I have been indefinitely suspended without pay because I refused to do mandatory covid testing (every other week) on only unvaccinated employees. I feel this is discriminatory. There have been multiple RNs at work that have received the vaccine and then gotten very sick with Covid. But only unvaccinated are required to test regularly or will be suspended.  I have a 25 minute video of me and another nurse speaking with HR director and emails from him stating that I am suspended because of my refusal to test regularly. I believe I had Covid in December/January 2020. Before there was even testing for it. I was really sick in bed for 2 and half weeks. I was tested for flu and strep, both were negative.  I asked him about antibody testing and he had no response for that. His only options were to test or suspension until I submit to testing.

13.  I just wanted to shout a big, “THANK YOU!!” to all of the “Concerned Doctors” who heroically signed their names to the letter to Ivey, outlining the needs for early C19 treatment and an opposition to vaccine mandates. I am just thrilled that we have an outspoken group of true health professionals who will stand for the patient population. My (short) story is that my college-aged daughter came home from school in late August with COVID (rapid tested). No one else in our family of six had previously had COVID. When we heard she was coming home, my husband and I both began a regime of HCQ+zinc that we had saved for such a time. Neither of us experienced any symptoms. I just thought you might be interested in that. Again, thank you from the bottom of my heart for your well-outlined letter to the governor.

14. I am in need of a new doctor as mine recently opted to move to a concierge practice model. I would like to know if any of the general practice doctors involved with Concerned Doctors organization are taking new patients. I believe this group of doctors is more likely to embrace appropriate scientific diligence in the course of their practice than are some others.

15.  I’m looking to see if you have a physicians that are able to counsel or write medical notes related to an exemption. I had Guillain-Barre syndrome and a heart attack and concerned that getting the vaccination is a risk that outweighs actually getting covid. My father actually died days after getting the vaccination as well and he was 69. Any guidance related to possible solutions would be appreciated. I would also make a generous donation for that information. What I have found is that many doctors understand my position but are unwilling to actually sign a document saying that the vaccination potentially outweighs the potential benefits. It seems like they don\’t want to assume any liability in case I actually die of covid.

16.  I am receiving more and more urgent requests for help from families whose relatives have been put in hospitals which have put them on ventilators, will not let family members visit, will not connect them to the physicians, and the patients keep getting worse. I send them the FLCCC Hospital protocol, but when they cannot get anyone to talk to them and cannot potentially take any meds to their family member, what CAN they do? I have one who contacted me today. She is a nurse in AL, who teaches nursing, but her brother is in a hospital in Memphis and they are getting exactly what I described above. I am also recommending a lawyer to people; but I need to know what YOU recommend for these families, if you have other/better suggestions, please! 

17. Serve only uninsured adults at Victory Health Partners in Mobile. Besides not being able to find Ivermectin, our patients can’t afford the medicine. I want to get a supply to dispense through the Clinic. Where can I get a supply?

Answer: alldaychemist.com

18. Can the doctors and nurses that were fired for not being vax’ed start their own hospital? I would rather be seen by them than their replacements.

Answer: Yes! We are looking into this!

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  1. your brochure lists Remdesivir which has been found to be deadly, and Paxlovid which has been found to be toxic.
    and is there really any “efficacy” of the injections if you are playing russian roulette with your health? tiny bit of efficacy but you have heart problems for life? tiny bit of efficacy but your immune system is ruined for life? tiny bit of efficacy but you are now dead?

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