Jessica Rose: COVID Vaccines Are Causing Every Medical Condition You Can Think Of In The Human Body!

Dr. Jessica Rose, PhD, talks data about the alarming dangers of COVID-19 vaccines and the tribulations of speaking out on behalf of humanity, at the peril of reputation, career, family and friends. This interview was recorded at the Better Way Conference in Vienna, Austria, September 15-19, 2022:

“There are so many safety signals being thrown off by VAERS data right now in the form of cardiovascular issues, neurological issues, prion disease . . . anything you can think of going wrong medically in the human body is being detected and reported by people, but not processed by the FDA and the CDC who are the owners of this data properly. There is absolutely no doubt that there is nothing similar to what’s been happening in the context of these COVID-19 shots [for] the last 30 years [which is how old the VAERS system is].”

— Jessica Rose, PhD

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