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Dr Scott Youngblood

Given the complete abandonment of the principles of scientific exploration and of time-tested drug trial integrity, this presentation should be approved by every physician.If we are wrong, please site the evidence. The medical associations of the country should be supporting the cessation of mandates! Why are they not doing so?

17 thoughts on “Dr Scot Youngblood Defends Science and Patient Autonomy

  1. Everything he has stated is factual. It takes some digging to verify but if you’ve done your homework, you can find it. Most people are too lazy and want to be spoon-fed their information. DO YOUR HOMEWORK. I’ve read every one of these studies. The leaked FDA and CDC slides are factual. The Whistleblowers were fired. FDA knew that COVID vaccine had adverse event outcomes, didn’t inform the American people. OSHA changed their vaccine reporting: As a result, OSHA will not enforce 29 CFR 1904’s recording requirements to require any employers to record worker side effects from COVID-19 vaccination through May 2022. We will reevaluate the agency’s position at that time to determine the best course of action moving forward.”
    FAQ > Reporting > Vaccine Related
    Research recently blew the whistle on data integrity issues in Pfizer’s vaccine trial.

  2. anyone who has a bare knowledge of science – or who has any inkling of how to research a topic will realize that everything in this presentation is true and honest. Those that keep asking ‘where is the evidence’ should get off their own a– and look for it in places like this – not the corrupt media or hear it from politicians who are without any credentials whatsoever.

    1. When you do go aftrr tbe factd, you can see that an ortho guy may know bones, one can hope, but is lousy on immunology. Oh, and lies and manipulates data.

  3. Maybe all those bodies getting burned and thrown into the river were actually people who died from covid vaccines. I guess it’s possible, but I’ve not heard of anyone having bad reaction. Gotta figure half the world has been vaccinated.

    I don’t push anyone to get vaxxed. We need a control group to see how covid spreads, infects, hospitalizes, and kills people. Texas has good data (in Sep, those unvaxxed in their 40s were 55x more likely to die of covid). Pretty soon we’ll be getting much about long haul symptoms in kids, and of course results of TG and Christmas get-togethers. I highly encourage those in unvaxxed families to have the kids hug grandma and grandpa. I also think of how far we’ve come since Trump first said the alarm about covid was just a hoax to make him look bad.. and on ~2/20/20 when he said 15 cases would soon be down to zero.

    1. I had a 43 year old friend who died of the Vax. She started with blood clots and than it turned into aggressive inflammation of her brain. 53ish days in the hospital and sent home to die. She was gone four days later.

    2. I had a 43 year old friend who died of the Vax. She started with blood clots and than it turned into aggressive inflammation of her brain. 53ish days in the hospital and sent home to die. She was gone four days later.

    3. Pfizer, in the application for FDA approval, were required to submit very informative documents. From December 2020 – March 2021 50% of the shots were placebo. Also, every LOT number of shots were made up of different formulations, hence the blank package insert. This is how they fine tuned the formula. So many of us know people who are “perfectly fine” after the jab and others who suffered heart attacks or blood clots.

  4. Total professionalism, direct and to the point, now that this is known we must stop this madness and fast , before they get our kids!!

  5. This would correlate with Karl Denninger’s extrapolation of VAERS data to statistically show Adverse Events associated with particular lots. He found some to be far deadlier than others. Then add in the known underreporting factor.

    I’ve read through quite a bit of Pfizers clinical docs from the FDA approval request but couldnt find a comprehensive ingredient list on the placebo(s) used.

    I’m curious if they’re using the same method as other vaccines where the aluminum adjuvants and previous versions of the vaccine were used as “placebo”. I did find one study that admitted to using excipients instead of true saline placebo. I believe it was a Pfizer sponsored study, if I’m not mistaken.
    I’ll have to read back through and see if its mentioned.

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