Cloud Nine at the FLCCC Inaugural Conference

Science, and specifically the practice of medicine, requires discourse. Discourse includes many forms, from lively debates on opposing hypotheses to collaboration and sharing of ideas. This past weekend at the FLCCC Inaugural Educational Conference of Spike Induced Diseases (, collaboration, mutual respect, and knowledge sharing were the foundation of the event.

Physicians from states like NJ and NY came to make sure Pierre Kory and Paul Marik existed, and providers and nurses arrived starving for additional ways to help people in the deluge of consequences of using mRNA of a pathogen as the basis to preempt a disease. The mood at the conference was unlike any other I have attended. First, no vendor tables lined with drug reps inducing providers to free meals; second, true excitement to be presented with evidence of the disease and leading edge physicians’ current approaches to treatment; third, a truly collegial and caring group of folks did not want to leave till the conference center until the Gaylord Conference Center had to force us out for their next event. 

Today’s show will discuss the event in detail, including the presenters, attendees, and the future. In addition, we will include the first part of an interview with Dr. Sandy Miarecki, that was fired from the Air Force Academy, in Colorado Springs, CO, for fighting against the illegal mandates in the military. She is a retired Lt Col and Air Force Test Pilot with an extensive biography who takes her oath to protect the Constitution very seriously. She retired from the Air Force in 2007 and completed a Masters and Ph.D. in particle physics before being hired as a federal civilian in 2016. She has been helping the cadets and students around the country with their religious exemptions and appeals, but many of these hard-working and talented young adults are being forced out.

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