Your Patient’s Health Should Supplant ‘Public’ Health

The COVID-19 crisis has revealed foundational flaws in our medical system. Starting with the government’s further intrusion into your medical care with the affordable care act in 2010 and stretching across the horror show of the last two years, the doctor-patient relationship that the typical American relies on for care changed without their knowledge or consent.

Where did your trusted doctor go? Dr. Jordan Vaughn and Dr. Stewart Tankersley pose the question everyone has been asking after the last two years of madness… Starting with this question, they examine the problem and the current crisis and discuss possible solutions to explore in the coming months.

Your physician’s name and location may not have changed, but the doctor’s freedom to treat you as a unique individual and advocate for your best interests did change.

In a society of leaders who continue to break their oaths to the citizens ⏤ having such a personal oath between a physician and patient compromised is a worrisome sign and, unfortunately, with deadly consequences. Our academic and corporate medical leaders were more concerned about the hospitals surviving this pandemic than the patients these systems serve. 

In the end, the hospitals survived, but the patients did not.

If the foundation of medicine is the oath to care for the patient and do no harm, how did the most significant medical crisis in our country in one hundred years result in the medical profession tacitly abandoning the sick and causing immense damage? 

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