5 thoughts on “Peter McCullough interviews Stewart Tankersley, MD. and Jordan Vaughn, MD.

    1. I’m another who has been looking for a PCP who isn’t a Covidiot aka complicit in genocide. Can’t find 1 in northern Kentucky/Cincinnati.

    2. Can we still ever find a non biased medical staff form the real treatment of covid patients and even the vaccine injured?

  1. For Melissa (who posted a question on April 12, 2022 regarding wanting to find information on successful protocols for vaccine injuries): “Compilation of detox information from highly credentialed doctors, virologists, scientists, epidemiologists, etc that had the courage to speak out and tell the truth. Most of them have lost their jobs, hospital privileges and/or licenses.”: https://therealtruthnetworkcom.wordpress.com/2022/04/09/detoxing-the-you-know-what-jabb/

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