Remdesivir may cause liver and kidney injury


I was looking into Remdesivir and found this article from July 13th 2020 (over a year ago) about 2 medical groups from India and their recommendations regarding Covid.  Their primary recommendation was to stop using Remdesivir because it damages the kidneys and liver.  Also from the article: “The ICMR said that the focus of clinical management should continue to remain on oxygen therapy, steroids (which are widely available and inexpensive), and timely administration of anti-coagulants and high-quality supportive care, including mental health counseling for patients and families, management of pre-existing illness and palliation of symptoms.

During the video conference, ICMR and AIIMS told the states to follow the standard of care treatment for mild, moderate, and severe cases as described in the Clinical Management Protocol of the health ministry.

For moderate and severe cases, adequate oxygen support, appropriate and timely administration of anti-coagulants and widely available and inexpensive corticosteroids can be considered to be the mainstay of COVID-19 therapy, they said. For mild cases, which constitute nearly 80 per cent of the total cases, doctors have been recommended to use of Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ).”

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