Not All Public Health Emergencies Are Treated Equally

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After two years of one public health emergency, governments nationally and throughout the world are declaring another public health emergency for a new outbreak, Monkeypox. Given the two years of overreach by our governing elite, it is no surprise they reflexively instituted the same emergency powers that these western democratic governments to violate constitutional and human rights. The actual beneficiaries of these ‘emergency powers’ are executives with totalitarian leanings.

Of note, it is interesting to see the public health authorities, with all the power previously exhibited during COVID-19, act with kids’ gloves regarding educating and instituting policies for a fairly controllable disease. The difference seems to be when a disease affects a protected class, homosexual males, and the public health authorities respond to the disease differently. Never mind that they asked children under two to wear masks and avoid any touch for the last two years; when it comes to requesting that adults refrain from indiscriminate sex and partying without clothing, it is discriminatory.

The question might arise: where does this apparent disconnect in regard to the disparate application of public interventions come from? The answer is the indoctrination of intersectional theory and other Marxist ideologies into our American medical schools. As discussed in The Corruption of Medicine, Guardians of the profession discard merit in order to alter the demographics of their field. By: Heather Mac Donald, Medical education, medical research, and standards of competence have been upended by the application of critical theory to medical disparities and health outcomes. Now new doctors are taught that systemic oppression is responsible for higher rates of health issues in specific individuals as opposed to historical ethnicity and genetics. Replacing scientific inquiry with political ideology is suicide to our profession and lethal to our patients.

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