Houston, We Have a Problem… at the CDC

Beyond the COVID-19 constant misinformation the CDC provided over the past thirty months, it is a reasonable question for many citizens to ask what exactly the CDC does other than fear monger and politicizing medical issues. One thing important to their charter is identifying changes in disease trends among US citizens. In statistics and in a broader sense, in medicine, identifying trends and changes in normal variance is essential to identifying diseases and ultimately committing resources to research these trending disease states to understand if some new or previously unknown causative mechanism has entered into the milieu of human existence. Identifying this causative agent, whether human exposure or therapeutic, is key to both explaining the new trend and, if necessary, battling its rise.

A trend has been developing in the MMWR reports the CDC puts out weekly. MMWR reports deaths weekly in the US and categorizes them by causes of death based on ICD 10 codes ( a way to divide numerically all disease states). As pointed out by the blogger EthicalSkeptic on his substack. 

However, by MMWR Week 3 of 2022, a disruptive-exception pattern began to manifest inside this non-Covid mortality group, one which contrasted highly with the 2020 pandemic period alone (not to mention the 2014 through 2019 timeframe), and finally one which could no longer be denied (see an example chart by clicking here). Within these early charts it became clear to me that the complexion of US mortality, the who, when, and why – had changed substantially from early 2021 to the end of 2021 and on into early 2022. In fact, an inflection-point could even be estimated, establishing when this change had occurred (April 3rd – 10th, MMWR Week 14 of 2021) – a crucial date with regard to this novel mortality arrival pattern.

Ethicalskeptic is a military-trained analyst and expert on strategy and operations. He has a keen interest in understanding changes and noticing patterns. The trend in the MMWR charts is almost undeniable. It moves beyond typical variances seen within the typical year. The inflection points he notices correspond to dates related to reaching a critical mass of first vaccinated (inflection point #1) and then boosted (Infection point #2). Now correlation is not causation. However, it is the real job of the CDC to be noticing real trends and investigating causes. The problem is the CDC has so far done nothing to explain these stark changes in non-covid deaths.

An additional discussion today surrounds some interesting findings on thrombus retrieved from individuals and the presence of free spike protein but not any other viral proteins.

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