Concerned Doctors Zoom Meeting for 9/6/22

Click here to join Concerned Doctors upcoming zoom meeting on Tuesday, September 6, 2022 at 8PM CST

Meeting ID: 862 5406 9110

*Concerned Doctors will be moving their Zoom meetings to once a month in October.  We will move towards a program of having one gathering every quarter in your local areas with other Concerned Doctors so you can network.  We will work on this networking initiative on our Zoom call on September 20th.  Please be searching for like mind practitioners in your area to join us.


Several Concerned Doctors have contacted me to ask for the list of doctors who belong to Concerned Doctors.  They want to have a list so they know who they can trust to send their patients to and so all of us can network together.  I have not given them the list because I wanted everyone’s permission. 

If you DO NOT want your name to go out to other Concerned Doctors, please email me directly at by Friday, September 9, 2022, and I will take your name off of the list.  You will continue to get emails from our group but we will not put you on the networking list. If you do not contact me by Friday, then I will assume you want your name on the networking list.  This list will be released on the next newsletter and we will continue to keep an ongoing list on the newsletter as our group grows. 

Upcoming Topic for September 6 Zoom Meeting

The topics we will discuss this week will be that Cheri Johnson will finish up her presentation on parasites with case studies and treatments.  Dr. Mark Bordenca, pediatric ophthalmologist from ATL that just joined the group, will speak on his experiences with COVID, COVID vax injuries, and how he came to find Concerned Doctors.  Also, Jordan and Diane will have an open discussion on studies and information they are finding relevant to the treatment of patients and what they are doing in their clinics for their patients.

Please RSVP below on if you’re planning to attend.

Video of our last zoom meeting.

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