Steve Kirsch on New Vax Harm Data, Are the Bad Guys Winning?

David Gornoski is joined by Steve Kirsch, and they talk about evidence of vaccine harm, how the CDC is deliberately ignoring the safety signals from the COVID vax, the unscientific mindset behind vaccine mandates, whether there is any way to sue vaccine manufacturers, and more. Professor Wilfred Reilly calls in to talk about the possibility of nuclear war; the refusal of Russia and Ukraine to negotiate; the backlash against Elon Musk, conspiracy theories, and more. James Kourtides joins the show to talk about the significance of censorship in the globalist empire, the fear of nuclear war, the rapid spreading of fear, and the influence of Christianity. Plus, Jim Babka, founder of Downsize DC, calls in to talk about the war in Ukraine, the possibility of a nuclear false flag, the trap of scapegoating, and rediscovering the personhood revolution of Jesus.

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