ABCnews4 interviews Dr. Vaughn

“We do know that they continue to increase at eight months, nine months meaning in your case it’s the highest level its been and it’s been almost a year and that in all honesty among the thousands of people that I’ve tested for antibodies I have almost never seen somebody’s antibodies come down, yet,” Dr. Vaughn said.

3 thoughts on “ABCnews4 interviews Dr. Vaughn

  1. Thanks for your comment, Kimberly. Strange times indeed. Thank goodness for men like Dr Jordan Vaughn who have the courage to stand up when so many others are not willing to fight for their freedom.

  2. I dont think anyone should have more “privilges” than others. Now are those of us who had covid and still have covid antibodies just as (more than) protected from further covid infection than someone who hasn’t been vaccinated or had covid…..absolutely. The fact that nobody is talking about people with natural immunity tells me all I need to know about getting vaccinated. That and the fact they want me to get vaccinated with positive antibodies. No thank you.

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