Saving us From Those Trying to Save Us

For the vast majority of the population, policy reactions to COVID have been extreme and caused more harm than they have prevented.

The median age in my state of Alabama is 38.6. Among the half of our population that would be considered “young” — under the median age in our state — COVID has posed no significant health risk. Per extrapolations from CDC statistics, 421 Alabamians under the age of 38.6 died from or with COVID over the past 22 months. This means the “youngest” 50 percent of Alabama’s population has accounted for just 2.6 percent of all COVID deaths (out of 16,133 total deaths). This also means the “oldest” segment of Alabama’s population accounted for 97.4 percent of all COVID deaths. On an annualized basis, among the “young” half, COVID was listed as the cause of death for approximately 240 Alabamians. Perhaps more easily understood, COVID “killed” 12 middle-aged or younger Alabamians each month in the first year of the pandemic.

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