Recovering Trust in Our Leaders by Dr. Jordan Vaughn and Dr. Stewart Tankersley | Jul 21, 202

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Given the deceit and duplicity of the last two years from governments and experts, the question of how to recover trust in these institutions and individuals needs to be answered. The problem with the answer to this question is that it requires a recognition of wrongs for one to seek repentance. Repentance or admission of wrongs is the first step to forming a new foundation of trust.

Deborah Birx, the White House Coronavirus Task Force Head under Trump and Pence, is soon to release her memoir titled “Silent Invasion.” As a leader and ’expert’ during this tumultuous time, one would assume that her memoir would be filled with reflection and benefit/harm analysis. Unfortunately, her title “Silent Invasion” better reflects what happened at the highest levels; a silent invasion of authoritarian principles straight from the Chinese Communist Party.

No other official was more responsible for stripping western democratic freedoms and instigating unproven and fundamentally destructive policies in the name of ‘science’ than Deborah Birx. Her memoir reveals that instead of a haphazardly administered and fundamentally flawed plan for COVID-19 that caused harm to every age group but especially the most vulnerable (Elderly and Children; Impoverished), Deborah Birx used endless resources and energy to hide, mislead, and adjust statistics for these very outcomes.

Articles Discussed during the PODCAST:

Deborah Birx’s Guide to Destroying A Country From Within

Effects of Previous Infection and Vaccination on Symptomatic Omicron Infections

Enhanced innate immune suppression by SARS-CoV-2 Omicron subvariants 2 BA.4 and BA.5

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