Questions to Ask Your Doctor

Questions to ask your physician:

In your training as a medical provider- were you encouraged to approach the patient encounter as collaborator, you know, the give and take in building mutual respect?

Is the inoculation experimental?

When did you first begin to encourage your patients to become experimental subjects with biological agents?

When did you begin supporting human research on your patients without informed consent? Is it as safe as they said it was 2 years ago? Why not? The answer is because of the Spike protein (Of the 29 proteins that make up this virus, why did they choose the only known toxin to base the experimental inoculations off of) and the Lipid NanoParticle (a known toxin that causes a down regulation of oncogenic suppression genes.)

If they have given the inoculation in their office, have they had any patient with an adverse response? If so, let them know that the federal government REQUIRES them to insert the info into VAERS.

Or, if it is as safe as they swore that it was 2 years ago, do you not trust the CDC’s VAERS? Because the VAERS shows astronomically and unprecedented numbers of injuries (over 1 million) and deaths >30,000 (more than all the total deaths ever cumulatively recorded in 32 years with the other 70+ vaccines given over that time period).

Is it as effective as they said it was – “95%?”

Why did they change the definition of ‘vaccine’ within the past year?

Have you apologized for your prior views that proved wrong about the inoculations to your patients What about to other providers in the community that didn’t believe the narrative?

Have you ever heard of the Trusted News Initiative?

How would you rate the CDC’s response to the pandemic? 1 month ago, the CDC Director profusely apologized for their abject failures. Did that change your view of their response?

Does it concern you that there were many patents on the eventual SARS-2 virus issued over the past 20 years?

Given the proof that HCQ was effective in 2004, why do you think the Lancet and NEJM lied about it in the spring of 2020?

If an injection is EUA, when does it lose its EUA status? Answer: when there is a known treatment that has been approved or the threat ends?

Is Dr. Anthony Fauci an honorable person? Is Dr. Deborah Birx an honorable person? Is Dr. Francis Collins an honorable person?

How would you rate the country’s handling of the pandemic overall?

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