Ministry of Health or Ministry of Deceits

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As the new booster, or as the Biden administration calls it, the ‘updated vaccine’ rolled out with a glossy White House press conference in the past week, the obvious question is when do our public health authorities take an inventory of the good, bad and the downright deadly over the past two-plus years?

Whether Ashish Jha, the White House COVID Coordinator, has some special knowledge from the creator on why we have two arms, we do know that our creator expects us to use our brain/reason when it involves advocating new medical treatments for the most vulnerable among us. It is why finally having a voice of reason speaks up from the Ivory Towers of academic medicine is refreshing.

Paul Offit, a world-renowned expert on vaccines at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP), was interviewed recently by a local NBC affiliate in Philadelphia about these heralded ‘new boosters.’ His interview, which did not get pushed up the ladder to national coverage likely because of the honesty it displayed, pointed out a few things of interest to us all but inconvenient to the narrative.

First, only mouse data is available, not human data.

Second, not everyone needs these shots (thankful nuance in medicine is returning).

Third, as a member of the FDA Vaccine Advisory committee, his group is not being asked to comment or vote on the safety or recommendations of these injections.

Lastly, not allowing the Vaccine Advisory committee to weigh in results in a total lack of public transparency of the data from pharma. Each of these issues should concern any medical professional.

As if the above was not scary enough, a note in the NEJM from September 7, 2022, titled Effects of Vaccination and Previous Infection on Omicron Infections in Children, pointed out an interesting pattern in children that received vaccinations even after prior infections. Though both prior infection alone and prior infection plus vaccination wane over time, it is the prior infection plus vaccination that heads toward a negative efficacy while the only prior infection bottom at just above 50%. This is a concerning finding that demands explanation. A real scientist should start their search.

Paul Offit Interview

NEJM September 7, 2022,

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