Informed Consent Has Been Replaced, the Result is Medical Tyranny

by Dr. Jordan Vaughn and Dr. Stewart Tankersley | Apr 20, 2022 |

The voice of dissent is an important part of any argument to further truth. There is a reason that a Ph.D. thesis is ‘defended’ as most innovative research is a challenge to the prevailing knowledge about a topic. Even more so, in the medical sciences, we must demand a seat at the table for the dissident and encourage their voice to be heard. 

Consensus and Experts in science have value, but without the presence of dissent or questioning, the length for which an incorrect consensus persists will extend in perpetuity. In the medical sciences, where this consensus equates to actual interventions and treatments for individuals, this leads to the real harm of real people. Eventually, it threatens to undermine our profession’s trust to care for the sick and empower the well. 

The foundation of medical practice in Judeo-Christian and natural rights founded governments is informed consent. This requirement stems from medicine and its ‘practice’ involving real people with real consequences, and the interventions and treatments always having both benefits and risks.

In many ways, this is the appearance of ‘dissent’ in medicine at the patient-doctor level. In our society, where there is risk, there must be choice. In the last two years, this foundational principle has been violated.

Informed consent has been replaced with mandates, and dissent has been replaced with censorship. The result is medical tyranny.

One thought on “Informed Consent Has Been Replaced, the Result is Medical Tyranny

  1. I am so grateful for this concise article. I live in AL and I have spent a little time reading through the laws. Although I have not read all of it, I cannot find a single law on informed consent. In fact, what I did find, was a law passed in 2017 that says school officials and public health officials will not be held liable if they give incorrect or incomplete information on influenza OR the influenza vaccine to parents of children in the k-12 schools.

    For those who believe in informed consent, please help the people of Alabama to pass legislation that insures informed consent.

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