Harvard’s Acceptance Rate for Chinese Dollars and Influence is Comparable to Your Local Community College 

by Dr. Jordan Vaughn and Dr. Stewart Tankersley | Jul 7, 2022

Our once-respected institutions that embodied independence and classical liberal ideals have literally sold their souls to the Chinese communist party for pennies on the dollar. An article in the Spectator points out that in the heat of the initial response to SARS-CoV2 in February 2020, a debt-burdened residential company that basically operated as a wing of the CCP, reached out to Harvard and Harvard Medical School’s Dean for a possible donation of 115 million dollars. This donation was contingent on Anthony Fauci’s involvement and contact. 

Instead of contacting Fauci through normal channels, the Chinese conglomerate utilized a private university, at which its influence is supreme, to manipulate our government’s response to the origin of the virus that caused the destruction of some lives and livelihoods. Today, we focus on how these institutions became mouthpieces of a country and party that is the antithesis of their charter and why the corruption of these institutions is so fundamental to destroying the foundation of our beliefs.

The Harvard connection: Was a Fauci-endorsed Chinese donation part of the lab-leak cover-up?

I have given this article to countless people since JUNE of 2020 and it gets ignored: I believe it is a major smoking gun.

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