Hard Science vs Soft Science

In a hearing on scientific integrity at public health agencies on April 29,2022, Steve Scalise (Republican ranking member of the Select Subcommittee on the Coronavirus Crisis) revealed that the CDC compromised their integrity with their policy drafting process for reopening schools (historically an independent process) and sought recommendations from a non-scientific political union The American Federation of Teachers. Sharing this plan in secret with a politically motivated union with no scientific expertise and allowing them to correct the drafts of this policy that caused harm to millions of school age children is another example of our federal agencies following the science. The problem is the science they purport to follow resembles political science (soft science) rather than medical science (hard science.)

Hard science is solid, firm, and rigid and not easily broken, bent or pierced. Soft science is much easier to manipulate. The CDC must be required to follow hard science if they want to advise citizens, medical professionals, and politicians. In fact, it should be impossible for the CDC of FDA to inject itself into a soft arena, unless its composition is more ‘malleable’ than it appears.

Our guest today is Dr. Amy Hartsfield. She is one of the only doctors in Alabama who has completed over 450 hours of orofacial pain, dental sleep medicine and headaches. Dr. Hartsfield left general dentistry after 14 years to become a specialist because she suffered from migraines, TMJ disorder, and a sleep breathing disorder in the past. After having a hard time finding the answers and proper treatment, she decided to further help others who have a hard time finding the answers and proper treatment in these areas.

Given her scope of practice, she has unique experience in evaluating and treating people with facial neurological issues that are related to COVID-19 or the COVID-19 vaccine injuries. In addition to talking to Dr Hartsfield, we also interview one of her patients, Cheryl Alverson, who suffered complications from the COVID-19 vaccine.

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