Fauci’s Propaganda Reaches all 1600 School Districts in America.

It’s an all out assualt on our children and our families.  Dr Fauci is a regular guest on BrainPop (YouTube channel used in all American schools.) Ask your child if they’ve heard of Brainpop and all of them will say, “of course.” In this episode, Fauci tells the kids that their parents are anti-science knuckle-draggers if they disagree with Dr Science himself. In the video above, Fauci tells the kids to go home and tell their parents that if they go out to dinner with friends or anything else social that it might kill people. He instructs the kids to tell their parents how thoughtless they are and how they are staying home whether they like it or not. And in his closing remarks, he tells all the kids that they’re definitely getting vaccinated.

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