Dr Phillip Triantos – Untold Corruption and Disturbing Covid Truths – Livestream


Phillip Triantos graduated from UAB Medical School in 1990 and has been in private practice for 27 years in the Birmingham area. In November of 2020 he was hospitalized with Covid-19 and has his own personal experience to share regarding treatment/recovery. His mother passed away from covid-19 inn December, 2020 after suffering from lack of early treatment. Phillip is a physician member of the FLCCC which is an international group of doctors providing early treatment protocols and medications for covid-19. He has used these treatment protocols which have varied with each covid-19 variant to treat over 300 patients successfully and recently joined the staff at MedHelp to continue early treatment for Alabamians. He will discuss the lack of early treatment in hospitals and the response to covid-19 patients, governement agencies and pharma’s role in treatment protocols, statistics and data regarding vaccines/boosters, Emergency Use Authorization and informed consent/Nuremberg Code 2.0. Please join us and spread the word.

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