Dr. Peter McCullough Exposes Bill Gates’ Plan For Next Lockdown & The Truth About Monkeypox


Dr. Peter McCullough of https://www.americaoutloud.com/ and author John Leake of https://couragetofacecovid.com/ join The Alex Jones Show to break down the true dangers of the monkeypox amid outbreak hysteria.

The Real Virus infecting humanity is The Narcissistic Psychopaths and Sociopaths. We need to Pass a Bill a Law “Mandatory Polygraph Testing” for anyone even thinking about Running for Congress, Supreme court, Federal Judges, Presidential canidates. Any high power positions. And the tests should be the brain Imaging CAT Brain Imaging polygraph testing that even the psychopath cannot deceive. And it can actually identify the psychopath. Due to their brains functioning differently than the Normal individual. Identifying and screening out these people would be a logical step to help insure National security and prevent Traitorous subversive individuals from acquiring positions from which they could subvert our country. Alleviating Corruption and Policies driven by ulterior motives such as warfare and corporate nefarious actions. Approximately 4% of the Population are psychopaths & Sociopaths. And authorities Shot caller Government positions are like a magnet attracting these vacuous no empathy threats to Mankind. Try passing this Bill and then take notice those law makers that vote against it!

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