2 thoughts on “Dr. Peter McCullough at Reawaken America

  1. My husband and I, both physicians, watched you on Joe Rogan and found it fascinating (from a data perspective), yet frightening from a public and personal health perspective, especially as my 15 yo daughter and 18 yo son face incipient booster mandates. We were left with a lot of questions and follow ups, but regarding a couple of them, I wanted to query you…
    1. can you further elaborate on the evidence that asymptomatic spread is “not possible”? It seems so critical to so many of the lockdowns/mandates/crazy policies — as a 20+ year IM hospitalist, and former microbiology undergraduate, I can attest to all of it being nonsensical from 50,000 feet view.
    2. How is natural immunity “permanent” against all future variants, akin to how SARS CoV1 is felt to have generated permanent immunity to that virus? It seems Omicron is affecting all-comers, Vaxxed (single, double, triple), naturally immune, and those completely immunologically naive. Is the assumption that these “natural
    Immune” were missed diagnosed with the older, flawed PCR tests?

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