Dr. Michael Brown: When the state gets between you and your doctor.

“I eventually discovered that there were physicians here in Alabama who were also successfully treating COVID-19 on an outpatient basis.  It turned out that one of these physicians was from my own community.  I had observed him over the years to be a competent and caring physician who was well-liked by his patients.  I decided to dig deeper and investigate for myself what these physicians were doing.  I uncovered no hidden agendas or dark motives lurking in the shadows among these doctors.

One thing stood out as I listened to these physicians, they were passionate about early treatment of COVID-19 patients to prevent any need for hospitalization. Rather than accepting the bureaucratic straitjacket that was immobilizing so many doctors, they had decided to make use of their training and skills to do what they could for the patients who presented to them.  They made use of a number of different FDA-approved medications, and were among the first in our state to recommend monoclonal antibody therapy, well before the healthcare bureaucracy finally began to more directly encourage its use this summer despite its availability since late last year.”


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