Double Vaxxed & Double Boosted Will Get You Double COVID

On Saturday, July 30th, a news update flashed across the screen; President Biden had tested positive for COVID-19 ‘again.’ In four days since his negative test released him from isolation at the White House, the US President was back in isolation for a disease he had seemingly conquered with fanfare and special thanks to his double vaccination and double boosted immune system. Despite the appearance that the White House and our President is just a shill for Pfizer’s medical solutions, the failure of their touted solutions (namely vaccinate and take Paxlovid) exposes a broader concern to the public; how can our ‘leaders’ continue to be so wrong about an issue that affects every citizen. 

Once considered the leader in medical advancement, since the onset of COVID-19 and the centralized federal response, the US has taken a back seat to other countries regarding effective solutions for the treatment and prevention of severe covid 19. The US continues to rank in the bottom 20 of greater than 200 countries for morbidity and mortality associated with COVID-19. This poor showing from a nation that has almost unlimited intellectual capital and resources is a classic case of failure of strategy, not firepower.

A centralized, top-down strategy to fight an opponent that was novel, fit, and adaptable resulted in massive amounts of misery for everyone with no improvement in survival for the vulnerable. This outcome is predictable when one understands the concept of distributed knowledge. When looking through the lens of medical science, our medical system is a multi-agent system of which no one possesses all the knowledge (though Dr. Fauci might disagree). A centralized response that assumes itself all knowledgeable, even when run by the smartest person in the universe (Fauci’s self-awarded title), will always be outmatched and most often utterly embarrassed by the non-scripted interaction of the many exchanging ideas in their domain of expertise.

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