Covid Truths ~ Lt Col Theresa Long US Army

Lieutenant Colonel (LTC) who is the Brigade Surgeon for the 1st Aviation Brigade in Ft. Rucker, Alabama. She is putting her entire life and career on the line to try to protect the military from the COVID vaccinations. LTC. Theresa Long is an M. D. (University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston Medical School in 2008).  She was a Field Surgeon for 10 years and then completed a residency in Aerospace and Occupational Medicine at the U. S. Army School of Aviation Medicine (Ft. Rucker). She  trained in the Medical Management of Chemical and Biological Causalities at Ft. Detrick and USAM11RD.  She is also board-certified in flight Aerospace Medicine and board eligible in Occupational Medicine. 

Currently she is the Brigade Surgeon for the 1st Aviation Brigade at Ft. Rucker, Alabama, where she is responsible for certifying the health, mental and physical ability, and readiness for nearly 4,000 individuals on flight status at Ft. Rucker. She has filed an injunction request (using the Army’s own regulations and procedures as justification) against vaccinating healthy military members with the COVID vaccinations and is recommending the grounding of Army pilots in the Brigade who have already been given COVID vaccinations.

Dr Hayden Childs

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  1. Please tell me where I can find an itemized list of the doctor’s accusations and the corresponding citations supporting each item. This ‘evidence’ will cut through the confusion and distraction and let us conduct our intelligent fact checking.

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