A doctor spread COVID misinformation and renewed her license with a mouse click

For much of the pandemic, Dr. Lee Merritt has appeared on talk shows and in lecture halls to spread false information about COVID-19.

Among her claims: that the SARS-CoV2 virus is a genetically engineered bioweapon (the U.S. intelligence community says it’s not). And that vaccination dramatically increases the risk of death from COVID (data show an enormous drop in risk for those who take the vaccine). The entire pandemic, she says in public lectures, is a vast global conspiracy to exert social control.

And yet, in October, she was able to renew her medical license in the state of Nebraska. Documents obtained through a public records request by NPR showed it took just a few clicks: 12 yes-or-no questions answered online allowed her to extend her license for another year.

Here is the link to the fact-checkers who assume their authority from no one and use science as a weapon against mankind:

Who owns this group? https://www.counterhate.com/

“The Center for Countering Digital Hate is a not-for-profit non governmental organisation (NGO) that is funded by philanthropic trusts and members of the public. If you or your organisation wish to help fund our cause, please contact us.”

Imran Ahmed, the Labour Party activist and serial censor who says he should decide what you see and hear and delete those who question vaccines and the ‘virus’ narrative. Who is this man? Who is he connected to? Why don’t the media ever ask him?


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