Religious Exemptions

All persons have a right to a religious exemption under USA law if they hold a “sincere religious belief.” It is incorrect that any other “proof” is necessary. No particular faith, theology, action or inaction is required. However, it must be a belief that is sincerely held by the individual. While in normal times, religious beliefs are not challenged, in the current climate, it is possible that should a dispute arise, perhaps between an employer and an employee, both sides might suggest evidence that supports or contradicts that. If you are having to assert your sincere religious belief, you must do this work on your own, using your own thoughts and own words.

How do I complete the religious exemption personal statement that my employer is requiring?

Your personal statement should include two paragraphs. One paragraph is explaining your history with your faith. Feel free to share when you first came to your faith and the name of your faith. Explain any major activities that you participate in with your organized religion, or if you’re not part of an organized religion explain that, but emphasize how your faith is connected with a major religion. The second paragraph should explain why you feel the vaccine is against your faith. Your personal statement should be between two paragraphs and two pages long.

• Go to and download these important documents:
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*This is not legal advice. There is no guarantee that the employer, school or organization will abide by the law and respect your rights, even though your rights to religious expression are Constitutionally-protected and guaranteed.