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Dr. Peter McCullough has done several episodes on his podcast, The McCullough Report, where he answers many frequently asked questions.

COVID Q & A with Dr. Peter McCullough – Ep #1 America Out Loud Some of the questions answered in this episode are listed below.

  • Thank you for getting the word out! I’ve already had COVID-19, and when I gave blood, I was positive for COVID-19 antibodies, as well as positive for antibodies on the second test for COVID. My QUESTION is this: If I have the antibodies, would I be safe from the COVID variant?
  • My husband and I are just recovering from covid, and We are unvaccinated, and also both had the monoclonal antibody infusions during our illness. We understand this is unknown as to how the infusions will affect our future antibody response to any future covid. If we decide to be vaccinated, will that be dangerous to us after having had the infusions? We also understand we are to wait at least 90 days before even considering the vaccine. Thank you for any input/thoughts you may have regarding this.
  • I’ve heard Dr. McCullough talk about the T-Detect test for T-cell immunity to the SAR-COV2 virus. I have a suspicion that I contracted the virus in early 2020 before testing became available, and I may have T-cell immunity. I want to be able to opt-out of mandated vaccination, and I believe having proof of T-Cell immunity may be a strategy to combat these mandates and passports. Can someone help me get a T-Detect test?
  • I’ve got 15 years in the military, and I’m concerned they’ll force me out if I continue to not get the vaccine. Fact sheets or packages with references and hyperlinks to CDC data from reputable doctors may help.
  • Hello, I am employed as a firefighter/paramedic for a very large city in California. While we are fighting vaccine mandates, I am probably going to be fired on Oct. 1 if I don’t get vaccinated. I was initially going to let myself get fired, but my personal convictions and faith are leading me to believe that I should risk my health to remain as a light in this department and provide for my young family. Could you give me guidance on which vaccine I should take if I must take one?
  • Please, Dr. McCullough, give your analysis of the Novavax Covid vaccine. I have been waiting for this vaccine to be available in the US. I have studied how it works and how it differs from the “RNA Tech” vaccines now being offered. My conclusion is that this will be a safe vaccine. I am NOT anti-vax, and I DO want to be vaccinated for Covid. What is your analysis of the Novavax?
  • How can an average, retired person such as myself find a source for ivermectin or HCQ?
  • Is the Regeneron safe to get. I found out that it has spike proteins. Is it safe? 

COVID Q & A with Dr. Peter McCullough, Ep #2 – America Out Loud

COVID Q & A with Dr. Peter McCullough, #3 – America Out Loud Some of the questions answered in this episode are listed below.

  • My best friend’s husband is fighting for his life in the hospital with double pneumonia and Covid. He is currently on a ventilator and Lisa, my friend, has requested to the doctors for Mike, her husband, to have the proper meds to help this along with vitamin c and d and they are refusing. She has been told to get a lawyer to help her with the rest his but she doesn’t know who to go to. I am reaching out to see if you might have some guidance.
  • I am an affiliate attorney with Liberty Counsel. This is with reference to something Dr. McCullough mentioned on the latest podcast about prophylaxis concerning oral and nasal swabs. Can you tell me what specific nasal swab or brand is recommended?
  • I am seeking exemption for wearing a mask, my university needs a medical approval before continuing the process. I am deeply concerned about my health and well-being while wearing a mask so I was hoping you could help me?
  • We have had no side effects that we are aware of from the vaccine. Does this mean we are free from future side-effects? Should we forego any boosters? Did the vaccine destroy our natural immunity?
  • How accurate is the VAERS data? Whenever I post VAERS info on social media, inevitably someone will say that data cannot be trusted.
  • Should I be more concerned about getting the virus or future variants? I feel at a disadvantage and vulnerable to what variants are coming. Do I have greater risk the longer I go not getting it? I feel compelled to keep up the regimen, but wondered if there is risk of toxicity of Vit D or zinc?
  • I listened to the Q and A with Malcolm and Dr. McCullough. Malcolm and his wife became very ill with COVID and had used all the recommended at-home treatments plus recommended supplements yet his wife nearly died. That was very frightening to listeners. My question is, would her illness had been less severe if she’d been vaccinated?
  • Can you please give me your thoughts on the use of Remdesivir? 

COVID Q & A with Dr. Peter McCullough, #4 – America Out Loud Some of the questions answered in this episode are listed below.

  • I’m trying to save my husband’s life! Please, help me. What can be done to keep my husband from being put on a ventilator? He is maxed out on oxygen. The doctor at the hospital says he’s doing all he can. I’m not sure if that’s true. My husband was diagnosed with covid pneumonia. He was already Asymptomatic. Hasn’t gotten any shots. They put him on antibiotics, Remdesivir, a diuretic, and anti-inflammatory drugs. My husband is fighting for his life! I asked for his paper (what they’ve done) it was not received well. At this point, I’m trying to find help as to what else can be done?
  • I was wondering if Azithromycin can treat the Covid-19 infection in the heart and blood? I have already taken Regeneron, Ivermectin and currently, I am taking Hydroxychloroquine and Doxycycline for this heart infection causing me myocarditis.
  • If I have T-cells in my body after recovering from COVID, is there any chance of me unknowingly being a carrier of COVID and giving it to my unvaccinated elderly parents? Am I guaranteed lifetime immunity to COVID and all variants if I have the T-cells? Will the T-cells level ever diminish over time?
  • I have been getting ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine prescriptions filled at a local pharmacy in Albuquerque for almost a year. Yesterday I went to the pharmacy and tried to fill it; however, they refused. I tried three other places as well as called two pharmacies in Dallas (they were EXTREMELY rude). What should I do?
  • I am in Albania and follow you. Did you have a list of International doctors that follow the protocols you recommend?
  • I am a fan from Ontario, Canada. Unfortunately, my workplace is mandating that I take a covid vaccine – either Pfizer or Moderna – as those are what is available here. I have held off as long as I could, and now I am being threatened with dismissal. If I wasn’t in a career with such a small number of scientists, I wouldn’t budge. But, I will have no place to work if I don’t comply. I was wondering if you or anyone else has looked into anything people can take prior and after vaccination to neutralize the spike protein and diminish its ability to bind to ACE2 receptors?
  • I heard Dr. McCullough say that once you’ve had Covid19, you cannot get it again. Does that include all variants, ie, Delta? Does he feel this is lifelong immunity?

COVID Q & A with Dr. Peter McCullough, #5 – America Out Loud Some of the questions answered in this episode are listed below.

  • Articles all over social media claiming 40% of people who have had Covid don’t have antibodies. Is it possible to have had Covid and not produce antibodies?
  • Is it true that the supply of monoclonal antibodies is running low, or is this another fear tactic?
  • Vaccines are coming soon for children under 12. This is a big problem. How should I prove to my ex that my kid does not need a vax? Has the CDC come out with the survival rate for kids under 12? Hospitalization rate? Proof of VAERS events for kids under 18? If a kid doesn’t have an underlying condition, the risk doesn’t outweigh the benefit of a vax, right?
  • I recently heard that taking monoclonal antibodies reduces your natural immunity to Covid. Is there any evidence that this is true?
  • I would like to ask Dr. McCullough his opinion regarding probable future adverse events and what the next few months will look like for the vaccinated. And while there have been other opinions on antibody-dependent enhancement and micro clotting build-up, does Dr. McCullough see any of this or have any other opinions on future post-vax adverse events?
  • I am not vaccinated, nor do I intend to be, I have also not contracted Sars Covid-2. So, no natural immunity. What precautions should I take as a preventative measure? Should I avoid large groups, church, etc., for a time, or is that ok to do those things if I take vitamins in the protocol and have good nasal and oral hygiene as put forth by Dr. McCullough?
  • Can Dr. McCullough please explain the argument against everyone needing to be vaxxed for herd immunity to COVID?
  • How can 96% of all US doctors be covid vaccinated? It makes me feel like being unvaccinated is a bad choice. Are these stats correct?
  • My concern with the Novavax vaccine is that it may not offer protection against future variants and that serious adverse side effects from it may eventually be discovered. I am 68 years old with no health issues. Would you recommend the Novavax vaccine for someone like me? 

COVID Q & A with Dr. Peter McCullough, #6 – America Out Loud Some of the questions answered in this episode are listed below.

  • HELP! My son is in the Marine Corp reserve and has to be “fully vaccinated” by Jan 1. He does NOT want the vax but will face dishonorable discharge if he refuses. If he started taking Ivermectin during the month of vaccination, would this help reduce vax injury due to Ivermectin’s ability to stop the replication of the spike protein?
  • Could you please discuss treatment for long-haul symptoms such as nausea, dizziness, etc? Should patients take Ivermectin again? Steroids?
  • My husband wants my two sons, ages 12 and 14, to get vaccinated because he is afraid that if they get sick with Covid, they might suffer from “long covid” after recovering from the acute covid infection. What is your professional opinion? I do not want them to get vaccinated, but I don’t know what concrete information or data I can point my husband to, to show him the risks associated with the vaccine are greater than the risk of long Covid.
  • Once a VACCINATED person gets sick with Covid… do they then have the full, regular, natural immunity, or would it be compromised in any way?
  • I have read the CDC is retiring the PCR test at the end of the year. What test will be used to determine if Covid positive in 2022?
  • Can my employer charge me more money for healthcare if I do not have the vaccine?
  • The Q&As have been fantastic! Dr. McCullough said several times on the dilute betadine treatment “just a few drops in a glass of water,” but can you clarify how many ounces of water? Additionally, betadine has a new gargle product available which is already diluted, but it recommends using no more than 7 days in a row. Would it not be safe then to use daily indefinitely?
  • Prior to both Malcolm and Dr. McCullough getting Covid, were either of you doing the Iodine gargle and spit and nasal spray?

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