Pandemic Phase Off or Political Phase On? 

Who defines the start and end of a pandemic? For that matter, what is a Pandemic? Words forgotten from your high school health class now determine your child’s schooling, your work’s sick policy to facial attire, and most importantly, your medical care. The flippancy at which a ‘national leader’ announces the end to a ‘national crisis’ they instigated demands reflection.

This proclamation by ‘Saint Fauci’ of the end was accompanied by additional incompatible announcements by our medical-industrial complex: the CDC declaring seropositivity of close to 80% for COVID-19 in our youth to Moderna applying for EUA to the FDA for biological injections for American citizens aged five years to 6 months. They even announced that if you are 28 days or older, you can receive the ‘miracle’ drug Remdesivir. From a layman’s view, these ‘exciting’ developments published by mainstream sources with fanfare suggest developments at odds with the approved narrative. If 80% of young people already had COVID-19 with little newsworthy morbidity or mortality, why do we need to inject the youngest of our citizens with Lipo-nanoparticles containing the mRNA of the Wuhan strain spike protein? 

Our guest today is Phillip Triantos, MD. Dr. Triantos is a radiologist in Birmingham, Alabama. Beyond his expertise on COVID-19 and early treatment, he has a personal story on how a radiologist went from on the periphery of the battle against COVID-19 to being in the heart of the fight to get patients access to early treatments.

COVID-19 early treatment: real-time analysis of 1,728 studies (

Mortality Analyses – Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center ( Still 18th (out of 185 countries) highest mortality rate. We are failing.

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