How Can We Win This?

The best approach may well be to use doctor stories in print and video to create doubt in the minds of the public about the veracity of the medical community. This is ultimately a huge public service.

How we accomplish the goal

There are many doctors who have “retired” or been fired for speaking out. Those people now cannot be retaliated against. Many of them would love to speak out.

There are also doctors who are practicing and who realize what is going on who will speak “on camera” about what is really going on, but only under cover of anonymity (voice changed and face concealed). Those are also valuable stories.

We can create 3 minute videos of “my story” of each of those doctors and promote them on social media and advertise them on alt media. We can create print version of “my story” and run a different story every day in major newspapers.

Each doctor tells their unique story

Each story will ask at the bottom: if you are a doctor and want to tell your story, contact us at… This gives us a fresh flow of stories.

We’ll also make a video with all the stories combined to make it easier to watch.

And each story can end with a simple call to action such as “ask your doctor to explain to you why, if the vaccines are so safe, that…”

  1. … orders for children’s caskets skyrocketed by 400% after the vaccines became available for children.
  2. … only 1.3% of children under 5 have been vaccinated with the COVID vaccines.
  3. … Paul Offit admitted he would have voted “hell no” if that was one of the options.

We can use the list from my narrative falling apart. Each doctor can end their story with a different item from that list.

And each story can link to my article which documents how the false narrative is falling apart. There are over 50 verifiable arguments that people are being misled. All we have to do is win on just one of the arguments to create doubt. This helps people to believe the doctor’s story they just heard.

The goal is for each doctor’s story to create a different seed of doubt in each person’s mind.

Collectively, 50 doctors will plant at least 50 different seeds of doubt in people’s minds. All based on verifiable facts.

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